LITTLE COLORADO Behavioral Health Centers

Who Needs Behavioral Health Services?

Everyone knows life can be stressful. Anyone of us, from time to time, may experience feelings, thoughts, or behaviors that are stressful to ourselves, and to those around us.

If we are able to manage these difficulties on our own, or with the support of our family and friends then we may not need behavioral health services.


When our usual ways of coping with stress are not working, then perhaps seeking the help of a professional behavioral health counselor is the answer.
Some persons experience serious and persistent mental illness, or a serious and persistent substance abuse disorder. A comprehensive and collaborative set of services planned by the individual, their family, and a team of professionals working together can help to maximize a person or family's strengths and abilities so that they may live satisfying and productive lives.


Care & Services

Individual Counseling Group Counseling Family Counseling Couples Counseling
Assessment Case Management Living Skill Training Psychiatric Evaluation
Medication Substance Abuse Education Substance Abuse Treatment Crisis Counseling

Initialize Services

Services at LCBHC are paid for by public health insurance plans, private health insurance plans, and/or on a self-pay basis.